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Police were hunting two attackers who made off on a motorcycle. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They were still being hunted by police last night. The Sun (2016) Police were hunting a third attacker who fled the scene. These suits are part of a pattern of legal bullying, as desperate corporations and political hacks try to silence activists, journalists, and anyone speaking out against injustice. Energy Transfer must know that the end of the fossil fuel era is upon us, and these attacks are a last gasp effort to retain relevance and an illusion of power. What they haven’t seemed to realize is that none of us will quit until these pipelines are stopped for good..

Oggi il ricordo del suo raptus puberale gli strappa un sorriso, mentre si sfiora con un dito la cicatrice ancora evidente, a met del sopracciglio ingrigito. Gli sembra di risentire la propria voce di un tempo: argentina, perfetta per le zarzuele, operette cubane, residui orali della dominazione spagnola. Il suo cavallo di battaglia era All dell di merletto e seta, cantato a gola spiegata, per scuotere l irreversibile di una madre bella come Liz Taylor.

The changes could lead to a “paradigm shift in the way waste is managed”, Defra officials wrote. But over a month later environment secretary Michael Gove told MPs: “I don’t know what impact it will have. It is something to which I will be completely honest I have not given sufficient thought.”.

Gli anni ’60 ebbero inizio con una svolta epocale, la sexy diva Marilyn Monroe elevò il trench ad indumento estremamente sensuale, indossandolo allacciato in vita, durante le riprese di Facciamo l’amore di George Cukor, ovviamente abbinato all’immancabile basco nero. Invece fu grazie ad Holly Golightly, ovvero Audrey Hepburn e al suo gatto, che tutt’oggi questo capo conserva un posto d’onore (vedi Colazione da Tiffany). Lo stesso anno Joanne Woodward al fianco dell’immancabile marito, qui jazzista, Paul Newman, indossò un trench doppio petto con colletto rialzato di Burberry, in vacanza a Parigi, nel film.

Would appear, when it comes to entertainment, Christianity has caught up with the culture at large. One social observer, Neal Gabler, who has no ax to grind in this regard, making no pretense to be a Christian, has noticed, “Evangelical Protestantism, which had begun as a kind of spiritual entertainment in the nineteenth century, only refined its techniques in the twentieth, especially after the advent of television. Televangelists like Oral Roberts and Jimmy Swaggart recast the old revival meeting as a television variety show, and Pat Robertson’s 700 Club was modeled after The Tonight Show, only the guests on this talk show weren’t pitching a new movie or album; they were pitching salvation.” Christianity on television, by necessity, has always been presented in the form of entertainment.

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