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La Thompson riprende il personaggio di Lorraine nei sequel Ritorno al futuro Parte II (1989) e Ritorno al futuro Parte III (1990), diretti sempre da Zemeckis. Subito dopo l’uscita del primo capitolo, che ottiene un successo enorme, la Thompson diventa di colpo l’attrice più ricercata. Avrebbe potuto girare qualsiasi film avesse voluto, ma fece la scelta peggiore: Howard e il destino del mondo (1986) di Willard Huyck, produzione fantascientifica di George Lucas, stroncata da critica e pubblico.

Diplomatic leverage in Europe. Now, some people feel that’s been overstated. It wasn’t terribly effective to work through Britain, say, to get Germany last year to soften the terms for Greece. The examples have been automatically selected from a section of our corpus We use this multi billion word collection of texts to research language usage and change over time. The corpus is a rich source of words in action from a wide variety of genres, allowing us to base our dictionaries on language as it as actually used. For example, evidence from the corpus shows that:The way we use wireless has changed in the past we listened to the wireless, but now it’s most commonly used alongside words like broadband, internet and Bluetooth.In scientific and medical parlance, mice are mated, injected and modified, whilst in more general usage, a mouse can scurry, squeak, or be clicked.Although the corpus examples were extracted using an algorithm and have not been editorially reviewed, we hope that you find the extra context a helpful addition to the main dictionary entry..

Times, Sunday Times (2016)One of the downsides of the digital age is that practical jokers have become far more ambitious. Times, Sunday Times (2016)We need to transition, we need to adapt to the digital revolution. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Two new digital services to help patients access urgent care have been launched in Lincolnshire.

How did you find information about the women featured in your book? Smithsonian Mag (2017)The show also features the dancing fountains next door. The Sun (2016)More than half of the artists featured in the exhibition are women. Smithsonian Mag (2017)The term “hung” featured more prominently in negative conversations than in positive.

3. In secular sources, the word means (placating an offended person), but in the Bible it means (a means of neutralising and cancelling sin (Marshall 1978:117). However, neither of these words is in common use in the English language so modern translations offer a paraphrase.

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